Jiangsu Acrel is located in Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Since it was officially put into operation in 2006, it has a total of more than 700 employees, including 400+ technicians with a bachelor degree or above, accounting for 60% of the total number of employees. The modern production plant covers an area of 60,000 square meters. At present, there are 8 automatic placement (SMT) assembly lines, 10 semi-automatic electronic assembly lines, 5 complete machine production lines, 3 power sensor production lines, 4 non-standard low-voltage complete electrical equipment production lines, and annual production of power meters/measurement and control devices 3.5 million sets, 2 million power sensors, and 10,000 sets of non-standard electrical cabinets.

Isolated Power Distribution

AID10 Remote Alarm And Display Device

•Audible and visual alarm
•Installation of embedded wall

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AID150 Alarm and Display Device

•Audible and visual alarm
•Installation of embedded wall
•LCD display

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HDR-60-24 Power supply module

•Voltage stability
•Small ripple
•Din 35mm

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AKH-0.66P26 Current Transformer

• maximum measurable current: 60A
• transformation change ratio: 2000:1

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AITR Medical isolation transformer

•Vacuum invasion paint
•Low temperature rise
•Low noise

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