Application of ACREL ADL Series Multi-function Energy Meter in Dubai

Time: 3 March 2021  |   Source: Acrel

Abstract: the user side consumes 80% of the electric energy of the whole power grid, and the intelligent power management of the user side is of great significance to the user's reliability, safety and saving of electricity. The intelligent power service system is constructed to promote the multi-function energy meter intelligent energy management terminal and other equipment power management solutions to realize the two-ways positive interaction between the power grid and the user. The research contents that the client needs to solve mainly include: advanced meter, intelligent building, intelligent appliance, value-added service, customer power management system, demand side management and so on.

Acrel intelligent multi-function energy meter with intelligent energy management system to help customers achieve real-time monitoring, high-precision electrical parameters acquisition, easy to install. It is suitable for the itemized measurement of electric energy in government organs and large public buildings.

1.Project Overview

EMS intelligent power management system in intelligent building in Dubai monitors and manages the distribution of facilities on each floor in real time. The customer installs Acrel ADL400 multi-function three-phase watt-hour meter in the distribution cabinet, and ADL10 single-phase watt-hour meter, connects with the gateway through RS485 communication mode, and connects the uplink Ethernet to the server. Feedback the collected information to the management platform in real time.

2.ADL400 Series Din Rail Multi-function Energy Meter

ADL400 is a smart meter designed for power supply system, industrial and mining enterprises and utilities to calculate the electricity consumption and manage the electric demand. It features the high precision, small size and simple installation. It integrates the measurement of all electrical parameters with the comprehensive electricity metering and management provides various data on previous 48 months, checks the 31st harmonic content and the total harmonic content, realizes the remote communication and the remote control with switching input and relay output and boasts the alarm output. It is fitted with RS485 communication port and adapted to MODBUS-RTU Protocol .ADL400 can be used in all kinds of control systems, SCADA systems and energy management systems. The meter meet the related technical requirements of electronic meter in the IEC62053-21standards.

3.Model Description

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png


安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png

5.Technical Parameters

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png

Figure 1 direct connect

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33392.png

Figure 2 CT connect

6.Network Topology

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33364(1).jpg

7.Installation Site

安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33364(1).jpg安科瑞ADL系列导轨式多功能仪表在迪拜楼宇EMS中的应用 沈明伟 21.3.33364(1).jpg

8.In conclusion

ADL400 series of multifunctional energy meters adopt DIN35mm guide rail type installationn with  small volume, it can measure electric energy and other electrical parameters, can set the clock, rate period and other parameters, high accuracy and good reliability. By RS485 communication, with the gateway, power management system to complete the networking mode. To help customers to simple, effective real-time monitoring of energy consumption in building buildings, greatly save the process of human meter reading, and visual display of all data can be users, improve management efficiency.

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