Acrel Multi-circuit Energy Meter in Malaysia Data Center

Time: 7 July 2021  |   Source: Acrel

Abstract:The quality of power supply in data center directly affects the operation of IT equipment, so IT is very important to monitor the incoming and outgoing lines of power supply in data center header cabinet. In addition, with the reduction of available energy and the increase of energy cost, how to use energy more economically and effectively has become the responsibility of relevant enterprises.

1.Project Overview

Data center power consumption multi-channel monitoring instrument, the series of monitoring instrument is mainly used in multiple distribution wire loop electric parameter monitoring, it will loop of busbar voltage, multiple matches out of the loop current, power, power and status of each circuit switching output concentration measurement, display, and communication, implementation of the monitoring requirements and simpler distribution wire loop measurement and monitoring.

A customer of Party A in Malaysia, who owns four small data centers, purchased several sets of AC-AMC16Z-FAK48 and AMC16Z-FAK24 meters from our company, matched with touch screen, to meet the testing requirements of multiple AC circuits in data centers.The following is a detailed introduction to the AMC16Z-FAK48 multi-loop meter


3.Technical Features


6.Network topology

7.Photo on-site

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