AHKC series Hall sensor in a Communication Company in Saudi Arabia

Time: 16 July 2021  |   Source: Acrel
Abstract: In recent years, due to the development of power electronic devices and the application of new technologies such as frequency converter, inverter and chopper, the waveform of voltage and current is no longer the standard sine wave or DC. The traditional CT is obviously not suitable for the measurement of the waveform. Therefore, many countries have carried out the research and development of non-contact current and voltage sensor, especially Hall current and voltage sensor is regarded as the representative of this technology.

1. Project Overview

Saudi Arabia AFAQY company mainly do the installation project of communication equipment. The Hall current sensor they purchased  is mainly installed in the UPS power cabinet to monitor the current situation and protect the back-end equipment.

2. AHKC Series Hall current sensor

Hall sensor is suitable for the isolation and conversion of complex signals such as AC, DC and pulse. Through the Hall effect principle, the converted signal can be directly collected and accepted by various acquisition devices such as ad, DSP, PLC and secondary instrument. It has the advantages of small volume, long service life, convenient installation, fast response time, wide current measurement range, high precision, strong overload capacity and good linearity, It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability.

2. Model description




Open loop Hall sensor

1. Class 1
2. Easy installation
3. Input range width: 50A-20000A
4. Output: 4V/5V/20mA/4-20mA

Closed-loop Hall sensor

1. Class 0.5
2. Input: 10A-2000A
3. Fast response time≤1us
4. Bandwidth: ≤100kHz

Hall voltage transducer

1. Class 0.5
2. Input: 100-5000V
3. Fast response time≤200us
4. Bandwidth: ≤100kHz

3. Installation Picture

4. Summmary

In the UPS power system, the closed-loop Hall current sensor is used to measure the output current, and the ups controller carries out feedback control according to the current to ensure the normal operation of the inverter. Because of its fast response speed, it is especially suitable for uninterruptible power supply in computer.

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